Lenox Carousel Prancer
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Lenox - Carousel Prancer

Carousel Prancer

This horse is a bit of a mystery to me.  When I bought it, I was initially thinking it was the "Rose Prancer" - which it does resemble quite a bit.  However, the Rose Prancer has more flowers on it, and it's unglazed - and this one is glazed.  It bears the Lenox hallmark on the belly with a date of 1995.  A picture of the "Rose Prancer" is shown below:

Lenox Rose Prancer
Photo courtesy of Kathy Taylor

So I don't know what to call this one - it doesn't seem to be in any of my collectibles guides either. 
It is a retired figure - maybe a visitor will be able to give me the proper name for this one.

Carousels by Lenox Porcelain